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Are you looking for a unique and tailored experience?

In addition to our scheduled public walking tours, we also offer private and bespoke experiences for visitors to Lincoln. This can include guided tours and hospitality for guests to suit your own requirements and schedules.

Perhaps you are looking for:

  • A tailored experience whilst visiting with friends/family?

  • Something different to do for a work get together?

  • Corporate hospitality for important guests visiting the city?

  • A walking tour of the city for a large group of visitors?

We have links and partnerships with many local businesses and visitor attractions, and can offer unique opportunities as part of an organised experience including food tasting, specialist tours and activities. We can help in tailoring your entire visit to Lincoln.

For private walking tours (up to 3 hours), prices start from £105 (for groups of up to 12) and £180 (for larger groups up to 30). We provide discounts for local businesses.


If your group is larger than 30 or you are looking for something more bespoke or complex please get in touch and we can build an itinerary and provide a costing for your experience. Email us at


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